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Pataskala Recreation Association


Registration for 2017 Summer Swim Lessons begins April 1st.  

Download A 2017 Swim Lesson Form 

Questions?  Email Swim Lesson Coordinator Jenn Coalter at

Swim Lesson Schedule:

       Session 2: June 19-29

       Session 3: July 10-20

       Session 4: July 24-August 3

Cost is $35.00 for members and $45.00 for non-members per session

Lessons are available mornings or evenings.  Questions? Send an Email.

General Information About Our Swim Lesson Programs.....

*No snorkel masks during lessons; Nose plugs are discouraged.

*Personal floatation devices are not permitted.  Approved floatation devices will be provided by the PRA instructor.

*Participants with long hair (below shoulders) must pull hair back in a tie or wear a swim cap.

*Swimmers should use the restroom before the lesson begins.  Instructirs will not leave the lesson to escort or assist participants in the bathroom.

*Participants who have been ill (specifically with vomiting or diarehha) are asked to stay out of the pool a minimum of 48 hours AFTER symptoms have cleared.

*Parents are asked to remain clear of the pool and of the instructor during the lesson. "Hovering" can be especially counter productive to a new swimmer.

*Participants must be in the water to learn. Instructors cannot take time from the lesson and other participants to coax an individual into the water. If a participant refuses to enter the pool, the participant will be asked to remain at the pool's edge with their feet in the water.  In our experience, when the participant sees the others having fun in a safe environment, they eventually join the lesson.